Robyn Honey - Head of Operations and Digital Systems

Robyn joined the MagStar team early in 2009 as a Programmer / Developer in the technical department.

As Head of Ops and Digital Systems, Robyn oversees all projects and manages both technical and creative teams. She champions our prestigious Awards Management System and works closely with clients who have invested in this unique service.

A devoted “techie” at heart Robyn makes it a mission to be up to speed with the latest gadgets, technology and social media, but a considerable asset to MagStar is her ability to convert techie speak into plain English. This ability means that Robyn is always happy to advise and guide our clients whenever they need help cutting through any technical jargon.

In her spare time she enjoys live music and is rhythm guitarist/vocalist for local rock cover band Hoarse with no Name. She is also an avid xbox gamer.

Design, Technical and Online
Consultancy, Promotion and Events
Tel. 01223 836464
MagStar Ltd, Vanilla House
Copley Hill Business Park, Cambridge, CB22 3GN